Top Tips

Buying a used car isn’t quite the same as popping out to the local supermarket for a loaf of bread and four pints of milk. You will need to put a lot more thought into it than that.

It can be quite a tough and stressful decision, so here at Internet Used Cars we want to help make things as simple as possible. We’ve compiled a list of tips that we are sure will help you in your search for a used car.


Research – Do your research before you rush into buying anything. Use the internet to compare deals on as many cars as possible. It can be fairly time consuming to do this right, but in the end it will all be worth it if you get the car that you want at the right price.

Mileage – An important part of searching for a used car is thinking about the number of miles on the odometer of the car. It is easy to get lured in by a low price and forget about how many miles the car has done. If the price of a car seems too good to be true then it probably is, so don’t get an Audi A3 just because it costs £3,500 if it has done 120,000 miles!

Damage – When looking at a used car be sure that you inspect all aspects of it before buying. Has the dealer or private seller told you about everything that is wrong with the car if anything? Have a good look around to make sure there are no sneaky dents before you put pen to paper!

Servicing – Has the car been regularly serviced? You don’t want to take it in 3 months down the line to find out it needs £1,000 worth of work, so be sure to ask to see servicing documentation.