Two 4x4s July 14, 2014

Hello readers! Today I am going to do a piece on what I consider to be two of the finest 4×4 cars on the market. Roads these days seem to be packed with 4x4s, however the two I have in mind are not exactly common. For I am not speaking about the likes of the BMW X5 or the Range Rover Sport, no. I seek a more rugged 4×4 which is capable of greatness in the face of adversity.

Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is an outrageous machine and will boost your man points 10 fold the moment you get behind the wheel of one, if you are a Top Gear viewer like myself, you will know why. On the chow the Hilux has achieved some great stuff, it carried James May and Jeremy Clarkson all the way to the north pole, James May has also driven one to the mouth of a live Volcano, and they have also tried everything within their power to destroy an already second hand Toyota Hilux but to no avail. This eventually meant that the car was dubbed ‘The unbreakable Hilux’. What could be more reliable than that?

The Hilux doesn't look out of place at the mouth of a live volcano!

The Hilux doesn’t look out of place at the mouth of a live volcano!

Mitsubishi Shogun

The second car to make my list is the Mitsubishi Shogun. Anything that has ‘gun’ in its name immediately gets my attention. It is marketed by Mitsubishi as “the authentic and modern 4×4 built to tackle anything”. It is an old school 4×4 which isn’t built for the footballers or wags who want to cruise around in comfort, but more for those who want to take their wheels somewhere other than the road. At the time of me writing this a second hand Mitsubishi Shogun can cost you anywhere from two to twenty grand.



If you are looking for a reliable 4×4 and don’t care about how trendy it looks, I would probably got with the Hilux, Click here to watch how Jeremy Clarkson tried (and failed) to destroy one, and while you’re at it watch the Top Gear Polar Special.

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