Used Car Bargains July 14, 2014

With near enough every used car being advertised somewhere or another used car prices are now more competitive than ever, therefore there are a hell of a lot more bargains at there. The market is accessible to everyone, whether you’re in the market for a Rolls Royce Phantom or a used Peugeot 206, and you can see all the stock from a garage 100 miles away without even leaving your bedroom. The motor world is very much your oyster, and depending on how willing you are to shop around, you should find your pearl.

The used car market is so popular because most used cars lose a good 40% of their value within the first year of them being on the road. To put things in perspective you can get yourself a new basic S-Class for £67,685, however after a year, you could buy a second hand Mercedes Benz S-Class which is essentially the exact same car for £40611, or you could get a higher spec S-Class (that’s a year old) for less than the lower spec one new. Is it worth being able to say you bought your car brand new when you can get a better spec for cheaper because it is only a year old?

The Porsche 911 is an excellent example of a car that you can get a great deal on if you buy used. For a second hand Porsche 911 it the price range is usually anywhere between £8,500 and £66,000, I am looking at one now for £10,000 and it seems too good to be true that you can get such a prestigious car for such a small price. Sure it’s a 1999 model that has done 91,525 miles but still, it’s a friggin Porsche 911 for 10 grand!

Do any search and it is the same story again and again, and if cars can devalue so much in such a small amount of time it beggars belief that they were so expensive in the first place. Obviously the Porsche 911 example is a little extreme as the model was from 1999 but even if you look at cars from as recent as 2006, take a Porsche Carrera GT for example rather than shelling out 100 grand or more for it, you can get a second hand Porsche Carrera GT from the model year 2006 for less than half the price at around £47,000.

Despite the buying price being a bargain you do need to bare in mind the insurance, as it won’t come cheap with any of the cars above. You can use sites like to give you a rough idea f insurance before you actually commit to buying the car.

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